About Dan Latham, Pulse Medical Staffing CEO


Dan Latham was raised in Bloomfield, Missouri. After high school, he considered an education and career in commercial art, but his family's decision to move out of state convinced him to rethink his career options. After stints in the operating room and as an EMT, he chose nursing as a profession. Once Dan began working in the field, he found that he had a talent for complex care management. He never failed to make his patients the focus of that care. One of his most challenging positions was as a coordinator for a tissue recovery service; with his exceptional multitasking skills, he could balance patient cases, donor and recipient locations, and multiple transplant teams simultaneously. He served a wide spectrum of clients in his post, ranging from small rural hospitals to Level I trauma centers.

Dan later worked as a travel nurse; after moving all over the U.S., he recognized the need for speedily mobilizing medical personnel to meet urgent staffing needs. This naturally led to his passion for agency nursing. After nurturing the tremendous growth of one nursing agency, he founding Pulse Medical Staffing; he grew Pulse from the seeds of his own coordination and travel experiences. From the moment he started the company to the present, Dan has emphasized the need to have staff members who are ethical, patient-centered and highly competent, as well as the need to value and respect that staff.

Pulse Medical Staffing is rapidly becoming a much respected vendor for supplemental medical staff. Dan's warmth and down-to-earth approach with his clients and staff underlies his professionalism, problem solving abilities and sense of urgency. He and his family live, work and play in Columbia, Missouri.