Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Agencies

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the nation, the need for skilled healthcare professionals and registered nurses skyrocketed. The mass departure of nurses leaving the workforce due to concerns surrounding the virus, together with this enormous surge in demand, made it increasingly difficult for healthcare facilities to maintain a staff. This is when healthcare staffing agencies are needed the most.

How do employers’ benefit from using a healthcare staffing agency?

Any healthcare facility or organization can greatly benefit from a staffing agency. When a sudden event occurs, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or a natural disaster, the result is generally a very large spike in the need for nurses and healthcare professionals. Not only do staffing agencies have experience in cases of emergencies and disaster relief, but they also provide temporary healthcare workers to understaffed facilities quickly and efficiently.

Fill empty positions and prevent staff shortages

When healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, nursing homes and doctors’ offices, have too few employees, the result is detrimental to the way the organization can function and care for its patients. What often tends to happen is the current employees become overworked, frustrated, and worn out, leading to more open positions and even worse conditions. An agency can ensure a staff shortage does not happen by temporarily filling the open positions with reliable, highly skilled professionals.

Save the time, money, and resources spent looking for experienced candidates

When you have a staffing shortage, it’s hard enough to juggle the everyday activities of running your organization without having to pile on the effort of looking for qualified workers. Finding, screening and interviewing candidates takes time and energy, and it will often pull you away from addressing some other priorities. A staffing firm can take care of this hard part for you. Not only will they handle interviewing and background checks, they also generally have a large database of healthcare workers with a wide range of special skills. Whatever the needs of your organization may be, they more than likely have a perfect candidate ready to start at a moment’s notice, saving you from having to start at the beginning of the hiring process, and removing some of your stress in the meantime.

How do healthcare professionals benefit from working with a staffing agency?

If you are a registered nurse or allied healthcare professional, you’ll find that there are many benefits to working with an agency as opposed to working directly with a facility.

Receive better pay and a more flexible schedule

This is often the most important benefit for job seekers. Staffing agencies tend to offer better pay and more flexible schedules than actual healthcare facilities. They’ll also be more transparent and upfront about how much you’ll make on each shift, how often you’ll be paid, and what days or hours you’ll be needed during the week.

Further, agencies offer you more control over choosing a schedule that works best for you, such as having weekends, nights, and holidays off. Many healthcare professionals are part-time students that need certain days off to attend classes, and others are parents that require nights off to be with their families. If having the freedom to make your own schedule is important to you, then a staffing agency is a great fit.

Obtain career mentorship and widen your professional network

Agencies tend to be windows to more opportunities and allow for you to get your feet wet trying new roles that interest you, as opposed to jumping right into a career change. You can pick up various shifts at different types of facilities and learn from seasoned professionals at these locations. In the process, you’ll be widening your professional network and meeting people with similar fields and interests. If you find that a role isn’t working out for you, working with an agency makes it easy to switch assignments or organizations.

Find work much faster

A staffing agency can find you work incredibly fast, and it saves the time of searching for open positions, filling out applications, waiting to hear back and interviewing for the role. Job hunting is a long process. But a healthcare staffing agency is working with facilities that need employees right away and can save you the time and energy that would be spent seeking out work.

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