Allied Health Professionals

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At Pulse Medical Staffing we are always recruiting individuals that would like to join and apply with our team of allied health professionals. We are looking for passionate, energetic medical staff to join our team of professionals of excellence in motion. We are looking for CNAs, PCTs, CMTs, EMTs and Rad Techs.

We are a supplemental staffing agency that has a superior local presence in Healthcare Facilities and local representation for our dedicated team of allied health professionals.

Our reputation is insurmountable when it comes to the highest quality and a highly dedicated team of allied health professionals.

Employment Requirements: 2 years or more concurrent hospital-based acute care experience for hospitals or 1 year or more for non-acute/long-term care based facilities, provide accurate and concise information requested such as immunization and health records, certifications, and pass multi-panel urine drug screen, national and state-level criminal background investigation.

Also, submit to testing in required areas of clinical expertise.  See further details on the apply now page.

We are always available at a moment's notice to assist our clinicians if needed. Check out our helpful links page to assist you in your career as an allied professional.

If you apply to join our team of dedicated, top-notch allied health professionals, we will contact you as soon as possible to set up an interview and discuss your role on our team.

Our local team of staffing support specialists is available to you 24/7.

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