Healthcare Staffing Agency
Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What kind of medical professionals do you hire?

  • Our staffing needs are dependent on the needs of our clients. We regularly hire professional RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. We also hire EMTs, CMTs, Rad. Tech RTs, Respiratory Therapist RRTs, CRNAs, and more.

Q) Do I need immunizations to work for Pulse Medical?

  • Yes, we require that all our employees have up to date immunizations with supporting documentation. Every applicant will have to provide us records of immunization of the following: MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), Hepatitis B (3 in the series), Varicella (chickenpox), as well as annual immunizations including TB skin test (tuberculosis) and Influenza.

Q) How do I apply?

  • Visit here and choose the role you would like to apply for from the list. You will be directed to an online application to which you can complete and submit. 

Q) What are the benefits of working with a medical staffing agency?

  • There are many reasons why a nurse should work with a medical staffing agency.
  • Income - In most cases, these agencies pay double the full-time employee's salary range. Many agencies pay their nurses by daily or weekly payments, often meaning you get paid at the end of your shift. 
  • Flexible Schedule - Working with a staffing agency allows you the luxury of planning and scheduling your own work hours how you see fit. 
  • Variety of specialized field experience - Agencies provide staffing services for various healthcare facilities in different specialties. This allows for new learning and experiences in specialties such as Pediatric Care Units  Acute Care Hospitals, Rehabilitation Facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, and more. This exposure can be utilized as a strategy for moving into a new area of nursing with little to no prior experiences.

Q) Do I have to work with the agency once I’ve filled out an application?

  • No. By submitting your application, we’re able to gather your information, credentials, and qualifications and get you into our system. 


Q) Where is Pulse Medical Staffing Located?

  • Our office is located in south Columbia, Missouri. 

         4240 Philips Farm Rd, #105 Columbia, MO 65201

Q) Why is your agency called ‘Pulse Medical Staffing’?

  • There is a reason we are called Pulse Medical Staffing. Our staff and supplemental staffing solutions are just a heartbeat away. We are a medical staffing agency that provides much needed temporary supplemental staff to all area healthcare services including hospitals, clinics, physician offices, surgery centers, radiology centers, and rehabilitation centers.

Q) What are the requirements to work for Pulse Medical Staffing?

  • To work as an agency nurse or with a nurse staffing agency you must have: 
  • 2 years or more concurrent hospital-based acute care experience for hospitals -or- 1 year or more for non-acute/long-term care based facilities,
  •  Provide accurate and concise information requested pertaining to immunization and health records, and certifications.
  • Pass multi-panel urine drug screen, national and state-level criminal background investigation.
  •  Submit to testing in required areas of clinical expertise.